Hey You 0.0

Hey, My name is Talia.  This is suppose to be my introduction, explaining myself and stuff, to be honest, If you look at the posts down there, literally scroll down.  I like anything and everything scary, supernatral, or freaky.  I love playing video games, eatting, talking, creating new things, and being annoying XD. Haha. Well I guess this part is up to you…will you stay and join the view? Or leave and make me go boo whoo?  (The right answer is to stay)


What Is My Witch Name?


Personality: very quiet, reserved, and depressed. You really don’t talk to many people, but why should you? You are very secretive, kinda mysterious. Not many people know much about you, but you’re not really sure if you want them to. You tend to wear dark cloths, mainly black and white. You don’t really know how to communicate with people well. You are at least a fairly strong wizard. You usually are in a dark corner in the guild, un Continue reading “What Is My Witch Name?”

A Night in My City

The day went by fast. I was at a friend’s house and I decided to go home because I had important things to do. It was 7:00pm but it was extremely dark for that time of day. I was really intrigued on the reason, but I didn’t stress over it. The only thing that was different besides the overly strange darkness was the moon. I don’t rem Continue reading “A Night in My City”

Don’t Forget To Feed It -Part III-

…Nobody knows where he is, nor why he is gone, but me.”  Chris looked at the clock and it read 1:36a.m. He whispered me the time knowing I had plans in the morning, and I was Sams ride, so it would get her out of his house quicker.  It that point I was waiting for Sam to finish her Continue reading “Don’t Forget To Feed It -Part III-“

Don’t Forget To Feed It -Part II-

…the window was open; I never open that window, EVER!  At first I thought my mom opened it to let it air out, but then I remembered she is off on a vacation.  The thing is, the window is locked from the inside; and it’s really hard to open, like stupid hard.”  I was curious so I said “What are you getting at?” Continue reading “Don’t Forget To Feed It -Part II-“

That Person… (>’-‘)>

Their is always that one person who brings you joy.
That one person who makes you want to wake up everyday.
That one person who picks you up when your down.
That one person who understands what you go through.
That one person who lo Continue reading “That Person… (>’-‘)>”

Don’t Forget To Feed It -Part I-

Do you ever feel like you should be scared of something but don’t know what of, or why?  My friend, let’s call her Sam, and I went to a late night party.  She brought a few beers along with us, at least four cans.  Within the first 20 minutes she was down two cans.  She offered me one but I declined because someone had to drive us home.  Before the party was over Chris (The host) Continue reading “Don’t Forget To Feed It -Part I-“

First Day Of School! (Trick on Mom)

So, I went to school today. My first day was so frustrating!!!  I didn’t have my schedule, so I had to wait A LONG TIME!  Over 3 hours for a stupid piece of paper. :I  So after that was all over, I went to third block (I only have 4 blocks).  So the first day was ok.  I mean it could have been better, but it was ok.  Before I left for school, m Continue reading “First Day Of School! (Trick on Mom)”